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Saxsemilla Kingston Sessions
Reggae Today New Music
Kingston Sessions - Saxsemilla
Reggae Today New Music
Featuring Guest Vocalists
The Mighty Diamonds,
Michael Rose, & Ken Boothe

1. Pass The Kutchie
2. Campyard
3. Rainbow Country/
Smile Jamaica

4. Teach Your Children
5. Freedom Day
6. Gi Parson
7. Wings of a Dove
8. I Shot the Sheriff
9. Gathering in Unity
10. Urban Sunset
11. Gathering in Unity
- Acapella Nyabinghi Mix

Rich & Headley
Reggae Today New Music Pass The Kutchie
Although he was an original writer, Headley Bennett never received proper credit, or benefited commercially from the success of this reggae standard. Out of respect we have remade it with a 'touch of jazz.'
Lead sax & first solo, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Second solo, Saxsemilla. Classic vocals, The Mighty Diamonds.
Reggae Today New Music
Lifetime mentor and reggae great, the late Joseph 'Culture' Hill, writes about injustices acted on those who plant marijuana. "Free-up the herb" echoes throughout the world of reggae music. Saxsemilla supports a people's right to cultivate sinsemilla, a plant which is native to one's culture, especially if it provides medicinal, healing qualities.
Lead sax, Saxsemilla. Harmony & second solo, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Featured vocalists, Sugar Black and Lebanculeh.
Reggae Today New Music
Rainbow Country/Smile Jamaica
Saxsemilla's tenor seems to 'talk' to Headley's alto in this medley of Bob Marley songs, which was inspired by the beautiful people and island of Jamaica. Michael Rose is backed by the Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble, under the direction and arrangement of Chalice's Wayne Armond.
Tenor sax, Saxsemilla. Alto, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Trombone, Vin Gordon.
Reggae Today New Music
Teach Your Children
For the parents and youth of today, this classic Crosby Stills & Nash tune holds an important, timeless message.
Solo, Saxsemilla. Featured vocalists, The Mighty Diamonds with the Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble.
Reggae Today New Music
Freedom Day
On December 19th 1944, Saxsemilla's father and U.S. Combat Medic, Ed Prafder, was taken as a Prisoner of War during WWII's Battle of the Bulge. He later escaped to freedom in April, 1945. During Mr. Prafder's time in captivity, 'Nesta' Robert Marley was born (Febraury 6, '45). For Saxsemilla, this coincidental event fuels his belief, that spirituality works in miraculous ways. This song honors the courage of his father and other POW's around the world.
Lead sax, Saxsemilla. Harmony, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Passionate vocals by the distinguished Ken Boothe.
Reggae Today New Music
GI Parson
There are injustices and hypocrisies everywhere today, even in religious orders. To guard against them, we need to open our minds a bit wider than they are. In this song, cameo vocalists, Chalice, plea to "give the Parson some collie weed." Saxsemilla feels the vibe, and cuts into this groove in his unique signature style.
Reggae Today New Music
Wings of a Dove
"Every time I turn around
   I see people drinking
   dirty water like dog...
Oh, if I had wings like a dove,
   I would fly into the hills
   and be at rest."

Reggae Today New Music
These poignant and symbolic lyrics by the late Joseph Hill are simple enough for any listener to relate to. Such cruel images of poverty make us dream and wish for a more peaceful reality.
Tenor sax, Saxsemilla. Alto Sax, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Featured Vocalists, The Stingers.
Reggae Today New Music
I Shot the Sheriff
This classic song helped Saxsemilla break into the reggae music scene in Jamaica. Accompanied by Headley Bennett, the new duo horn act won over packed crowds, after performing their own version on New Year's Eve, 1997 at De-Bus in Negril.
Lead sax, Saxsemilla. Harmony, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Trombone, Vin Gordon.
Reggae Today New Music
Gathering in Unity
For this ancient Hebrew melody, Saxsemilla draws on his inherent, Judaic roots. Featured vocalist Michael Rose pours his heart out and interprets the song's message of how good and pleasant it is, when bredren and sistren dwell together in unity. At the heart of "Kingston Sessions" is this theme of righteousness.
Lead Alto Sax, Saxsemilla. Alto Sax & Harmony, "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Background vocals, Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble. Percussion & Kete Drum, Bongo Herman.
Reggae Today New Music
Urban Sunset (Bonus Track)
"Deadly" Headley Bennett stirs up a romantic mood with this beautiful, melodic bonus track. The sweet sounds of birds chirping are sure to bring a smile. Produced, arranged and performed by Headley himself.
Alto Saxophone: "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Produced by: "Deadly" Headley Bennett. Executive Producer: Russell Rosenthal. Piano: Raymond "T-Bird" Johnson. Guitar: Dwight Pickney, Keyboards: Robbie Lynn. Drums: Keith "Fat Boy" Miller, Bass: Devon Bradshaw. Percussion: Sticky Thompson, Alvin Haurton.
Reggae Today New Music
Gathering In Unity
(Acapella Nyabinghi Mix)
Reggae Today New Music


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